Song Crossfire: Song Interpretations

Our Purpose

What are we?! We are the self proclaimed gods of song interpretations. We know the true meaning of lyrics even though the artists themselves don't. We are the "know all, be alls" of understanding the true meaning behind the lyrics! We, Darryl and Jerry, have often dug down to the deep meanings of songs for personal enlightenment, but we thought it only fair to share our genius with the rest of the world. Our song interpretations go far deeper into the meanings of the songs than the artists themselves can possibly comprehend.

Go ahead and check out the song interpretations that we have completed so far. The links to the lyrics and interpretations are lower on this page, and also on our Interpreted Songs page.

Remember that art is only art if it lends itself to interpretation. Our interpretations are correct. Our interpretations are sometimes disturbing. Our interpretations are solid. All in all, we have solid, disturbingly correct interpretations!

Our Song Interpretations

The following are the songs we have done to date the order they were done. More will be coming very soon.

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