Site News:

Mar 03, 2006
Due to the numerous jackasses out there you NOW have to register an account to post to the forum. We appologize for this but are sick and tired of cleaning spam off the server.

Aug 26, 2005
Added Google AdSense to our song pages to try to generate some revenue for hosting this wonderful site. To all of our faithful fans, please occasionally click links to keep us funded.

Aug 04, 2005
Darryl and Jerry have a new 'open position' and are looking a very very bored, generally artistic, and generally funny Flash designer. If you fit the bill and want to have something fun to do contact us at!

Jun 17, 2005
Added two new forums per a reader's request. Our two new forums are: You guys suck so much you ROCK! and You guys rock so much you SUCK!

Nov 11, 2004
Added a mailing list to notify fans of new interpretations as they get posted.

Oct 28, 2004
We will no longer be posting new songs here. We have added a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed that now lists our new songs as they come out. You'll need a browser that can read RSS or an RSS reader to view that link. If you aren't sure what RSS is, we highly suggest you get off your lazy ass and spend your time researching it.

Sep 17, 2004
Added a new song: Hoobastank - The Reason.

Sep 15, 2004
Made some site reorganization to combat the fact that we dropped in the search engine ratings as well as reinstated our PICS thing.

Aug 20, 2004
Added a new song: Kelis - Milkshake.

Aug 19, 2004
Temporarily commented out or PICS thing to see if it effects the amounts of hits we get. We will put it back on soon.

Aug 11, 2004
Added a new song: The Wallflowers - One Headlight.

Aug 10, 2004
Added our explanation about our forum to the home page as people seem to be scared of having to register. Again, fake your information if you want, we just wanted the moderation capabilities of the new software. We also did the "right thing". We added a PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection) tag to our site. This tag shows what type of content we have on our site so people with their computers properly set up won't end up having their children reading some of the racier stuff we've written. Enough things in this world like YOU and the French are destroying our children, we didn't want to add any more to the degradation of society.

Aug 06, 2004
Big day for Song Crossfire. Not only did it move to it own domain, but it got a complete overhaul. The entire design was rewritten, and we also upgraded the forum so we could moderate it better.