Darryl: There comes a time in the lives of many when they question the religion of their youth. When the seeker has embraced religion and a one-to-one relationship with God the questioning can be a painful process. When the answers lead the seeker away from God the process can be debilitating. The young woman singing "Rain" is going through this painful process, pining desperately for the comfort of belief but not willing to deny the reality she's discovered.

Jerry: Darryl, I understand you've led a sheltered life and therefore might not see the obvious nasty meaning behind this story. Being from the porn industry myself it is all too clear.

This song is so obviously about a starlet addicted to the 'Golden Shower.' This woman can't even sleep without a quick night-cap drench. She is obsessed over one of her porn costars. It's almost as if she had a troubled childhood and is looking for comfort in this act with her costar but him and all the other guys are obviously in it just for the perverse fun.

Darryl: Wow! Your depravity truly knows no bounds! You take a deep, meaningful search for spiritual truth and pervert it into a song about men pissing on women. Do you truly think someone would search for "Love, Faith and Trust" in such an experience? How can you possibly compare a loving God with a urinating porn star?

Jerry: Come on... How do you explain the reoccurring references to the rain being 'warm'. Seriously, we've all been there. You are at a great party. Everyone is completely intoxicated. You go step out on the back porch and you are completely unaware of the drunk guy on the balcony above you that decides to relieve his bladder. Sure it is gross and not very funny at the time but you HAVE to admit that at first, until you notice it's only hitting you and not everywhere else, it feels like rain, and warm rain to boot.

As for finding love, faith and trust in an act such as this, you obviously haven't read Jenna Jameson's book, "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale" When you are in the porn industry you find love, faith and trust where you can.

Darryl: What do you mean it's not very funny at the time? I almost bust a gut when that football player emptied his bladder all over you!

Come on, dude. The rain is warm because warm rain falling on you can be a pleasant experience. If the rain was cold, then it would be a shocking, unpleasant experience. See the difference? And in answer to your question, No I haven't read Jenna Jameson's book. I'm guessing, however, that even Jenna Jameson doesn't promote urinating your way to happiness.

Jerry: Wait wait wait!!! That was you?! You truly ARE a complete and utter bastard Darryl. I begged you to get me a towel and all you did was sit there and laugh. I ended up getting a rash that lasted a whole week!!! You disgust me!

Anyway, I digress. Back to the interpretation. Obviously Jenna doesn't promote urinating on people! How dare you soil her good name! Her book's subtitle is "A Cautionary Tale" not "Hey Check This Out, It's Fun." You should be ashamed! She's a wholesome girl!

As for warm rain feeling better than cold rain, that is all a matter of perspective! After that aforementioned night I don't much like warm rain. I like it when it's cold so I KNOW its rain. I think others would agree.

Darryl: Okay, Jerry. Let's actually look at whole song, shall we? Lyrics like: "so untrue help me to find through your warm rain" and "can't find another place of your rain" and "I feel like a little child" show that she's innocently seeking truth, not pervertedly seeking abuse. Now I understand that your childhood was seriously messed up, and being urinated on may make you feel like a little child, but that's not the NORMAL response.

Jerry: Darryl, you thrive so much on trying to make me wrong that you ignore some of the basic facts. Let me reference Wikipedia's entry on Urolagnia.

We can see that a urophiliac could get arousal from a diaper fetish or infantilism. This could obviously make a person aroused to feel like a child being urinated on. I think there is much more to her situation that I had originally seen. This girl is very confused and is possibly simply looking for a good excuse to have a lesbian liaison.

If we look to the animal kingdom according to Wikipedia, there are two important uses for urine. First use is for porcupines. A male porcupine will urinate on it's mate to soften her quills. Essentially breaking down the tough exterior barrier that makes having an intimate relationship painful, literally in the porcupine's case.

Second use of urine in the animal kingdom that I would like to bring up is a male elephant's use. A male elephant will urinate in mud and then roll in it. Having his own urine on his body attracts females. I highly doubt the mud is necessary for the attraction other than the fact that that is the only way for the elephant to get his urine all over his body. Lets face it, not all of us are equipped like black porn stars.

With this being said, it's logical to think that this girl is interested in being in the golden shower for at the very least two purposes. One, it softens her hard exterior thus letting her experience life in a less restricted atmosphere, and two it attracts other women as she has male urine drenching her. Both roads lead to a one night stand with a hot woman.

Did that clear it up for you Darryl?

Darryl: Jerry, I've never in my life seen anyone so in need of a cold shower. You could have your brain completely removed and your behavior wouldn't change at all, because none of your thinking originates in your brain! Lesbian one night stands, pedophilia, diaper fetishes... You really scare me sometimes. I understand better, though, why you occasionally have bits of mud on you in weird locations.

Jerry - Summary: OH MY GOD! I NEED A SHOWER?!!! Who said anything about pedophilia?! Oh wait. That was you! You sick bastard!!!

And by the way, that's not mud...

Guano Apes - Rain

I'm alone
can't wait until I feel your rain
so unreal
can't find another place of your rain
I believe
I still believe in your warm rain
I'm alone
can't sleep until I feel your rain

How can I find
Love, Faith and Trust inside of your rain
so unreal, can't find another place of your rain
I believe
I still believe in your warm rain
so untrue
help me to find through your warm rain

I send out my wishes
you gave me promises
why don't you feel the same
(I'm sad, I feel like a little child,
somebody left, there is no rain)

Oh no, I'm waiting
how about your rain?
I can't believe
I still believe in your rain
like in heaven
I can't wait until I feel your rain
so where's your life
who's living the rest of your life

I can't, I can't,
I can't live this life, I can't live this life
I can't see in your eyes
can't change it, no more tries
leave everyone with a smile
and you're sad, you feel like a little child
somebody's left there is no rain

I send out my wishes ...